P.J. O’Rourke Commencement Speech

One of my favorite authors, both funny and wise, at his irreverent best: Fairness, idealism and other atrocities.

A favorite part (among many):

Well, I am here to advocate for unfairness. I’ve got a 10-year-old at home. She’s always saying, “That’s not fair.” When she says this, I say, “Honey, you’re cute. That’s not fair. Your family is pretty well off. That’s not fair. You were born in America. That’s not fair. Darling, you had better pray to God that things don’t start getting fair for you.”

Or, as I like to paraphrase it: kwitcherbitchin’.

There’s one book of his that absolutely blew me away on nearly every page: “All the Trouble in the World: The Lighter Side of Overpopulation, Famine, Ecological Disaster, Ethnic Hatred, Plague, and Poverty”. It’s many things at once: a travel book, a hilarious book, and it’s full of wicked insights about the harsh realities of the world that newspapers and “news” magazines tend to gloss over. Highly, highly recommended.

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  1. wv23 said:

    my favorite part was the part about the family not being a democracy or something, lest he eat whatever and wear whatever. obviously, i don’t remember it well.