The Inuits: Why Do Greens Hate Them?

Think about this lunacy the next time you complain about the high price of gas … or about dependence on foreign oil … or about slowing our economy with unnecessary restrictions … or about scaring people with doomsday scenarios … or about using flawed science to drive policy.

In what is becoming a true Alice in Wonderland existence for me, all three presidential candidates buy into this faulty view of the world. Of course, politicians are used to lying and pandering to buy votes, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

Here’s a fact: computer models of complicated climate systems — that we don’t even fully understand yet, especially how ocean currents affect climate — cannot be accurate. You have to understand the system you’re modeling before you can write computer code to mimic it. And even if you do understand the system, sometimes people write bad code.

So … mortgaging the future on unproven computer models of unproven climate theory? Bad, bad idea.

We should all keep the GIGO law in mind when somebody throws the phrase “computer models” at us. Especially if they are excited about some bleak future outcome, and trying to impress us.

No thanks, I’m trying to cut down.

UPDATE: Also see this memo from the Pacific Legal Foundation, which defends property rights.


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