Maple Bats Exploding

I’ve noticed a lot more of this kind of thing the last year or two, bats snapping right at the handle and flying way out into the field, or into the stands like this. I’ve even seen guys hitting fly balls well into the outfield, or getting line drive base hits, while also breaking their bats; Geovany Soto did this just the other day, lining a single to center and also sending a lethal piece of sharpened baseball bat flying into the infield. That’s just not right!

Spectators, of course, do need to pay attention at ball games, and you accept risk by being there. This is beyond dispute. But when broken bat projectiles start flying all over the place, that risk increases; at some point, the risk becomes too high to hide behind disclaimers. Plus, the league has an interest in protecting its players too, and they are at high risk as well – I’d hate to be a pitcher or a third baseman today.

So who knows what will happen, but MLB should seriously consider banning these bats.

Baseball has always enjoyed a genteel image; that image is in jeopardy when lethal projectiles are flying all over the stadium.

But as with all modern life in a country increasingly choked by legalities, both large and small, Selig and the owners will act when lawyers tell them to, and not before.


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