Too Bad GWB Didn’t Deliver a Speech Like This Sometime In The Last … Oh … Six Years Or So

Well worth reading: “Why We Went To Iraq” by Fouad Ajami, of the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University.

That is a beautiful piece of writing, about a very serious and profound subject. I read a lot of verbiage about Iraq, and I can honestly say that in my view this is one of the most concise, honest, rational accounts of what the last six years are truly all about.

Even moreso, because the media has done such a shoddy job of presenting an accurate picture of this war, or how history will view it in regards to defeat of Islamic terrorism as a political movement.

And how the drastic, winner-take-all tactics of the Islamic jihadis have produced a backlash even amongst themselves.

And how, ultimately, the war itself may be justified on those grounds alone.

We keep hearing about how unpopular the war is. My contention is that most people are ill-informed about it, due to reliance on a news media that has proven itself incapable of covering wars of any kind over the last 40 years.  And this one is the worst, by far, of all of them, including Vietnam.

There’s a lot of change going on out there.  It would be good if the American people knew about it.

(Edited for content 5 June ’08)


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