What Was Your Favorite Memory of the Cedric Benson Era?

You might not have one. Which is understandable, since Cedric Benson is not a very good football player.

But you better figure one out, because he is now officially gone, released from the Chicago Bears today.

My personal favorite is “every game he ever spent on the bench, in street clothes, injured”. A close second is “when the fans booed him getting hauled off the field after a season-ending injury in 2007”. And third would be “missing the entire pre-season during his rookie year holdout”, because alienating your teammates is always a really great way to start your pro career.

I think Matt Forte’s playing time just increased by about 500%.

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  1. Mike said:

    Thank god. The only thing worse than a failed first round running back… is a failed first round running back who’s always in the media for stupid garbage.

    I don’t recall anyone being excited about our drafting Bernard Berrian, but I definitely recall Curtis Enis, Rashan Salaam, David Terrell, and Cedric Benson. What ever happened to the Gale Sayers, Walter Payton, Neal Anderson thing?