Glad That’s Over

The Cubs lost to the Orioles 11-4 yesterday, and in so doing, lost the series 2-1. It’s just the third time this season they’ve lost a home series.

This means that they are now 3-6 against the AL East. The second, fourth, and fifth place teams in the AL East, to be exact.

Maybe this means nothing at all. But take a look at this: the Cubs have a ridiculous 18-5 against the NL West, but the NL West is a crappy division, where the first place team is 40-39 but still has a 3.5 game lead. Stated another way, the entire division is under .500 except the leading team, which is one game over.

So the Cubs are a total of 19 games over .500, which breaks down to 13 over against the NL West, 9 over against the other two divisions, while they are 3 games under against the AL East. And they haven’t even played Boston, and won’t play them this year at all.

Are there conclusions to be drawn from this? Maybe, maybe not, but what it seems to indicate is: (1) the AL is better than the NL, possibly by a wde margin, and (2) the Cubs, as probably the best team in the NL, still might have a ways to go to seriously contend for a World Series title. But it’s still June, and there’s a lot of baseball left to be played, so we’ll have to revisit this later on.


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