IU President: “Kelvin Sampson Shouldn’t Have Been Hired”

No Kidding!

So, Indiana University Athletic Department … how’s that whole “firing Bobby Knight” thing working out for you?

Seems to me, the post-Bobby-Knight Knight era is actually more embarrassing to the University han the actual Bobby Knight era.

Now the school finds itself with an AD, Rick Greenspan, that is resigning due to the Sampson fallout, but not until the end of the year, which is more than five months away. Plus, a new coach (Tom Crean), and a bunch of players recruited by Sampson. And, a whole bunch of egg on its face.

You have to figure this isn’t going to help with recruiting.

Not that I’m complaining, though. As an Illini fan, anytime something embarrassing happens to IU, you just have to drink it in. And when it is a disaster as complete and perfect as this, you savor it, and swirl it around in your brain, and enjoy a little schadenfreude.

  1. wv23 said:

    i have to say: as an illini fan, i have to think you’re worrying about your own coach, too? just a little?

  2. wv23 said:

    ok, that was grammatically goofy, since i’m an indiana fan. but you get the point.

  3. Yes, definitely, Weber is on the clock now. I like the guy as a coach but his recruiting ability seems pretty bad.

    But in the big picture, that’s still a better problem to have than the stain of corruption now hanging around IU program, with an AD resigning due to hiring the likes of Kelvin Sampson.

    It’s instructive (and entertaining) to watch all the problems they’ve run into since getting rid of Knight, who, even though he had some issues of his own, ran a clean program and graduated his players. Which, theoretically, is what college athletics is all about. Apparently, not so much.