Praying for a Miracle, and Getting It

On Monday night, around 8:30, three-year-old Ryan Flake somehow wandered away from his house in Oswego Township.

12 hours later, he was found, alive and unhurt, in the woods about a mile from his house.

Ryan Flake and Dad

Ryan Flake and Dad

What a miracle. The odds of finding a missing child alive go way down the longer they are missing; I don’t remember exactly what they are, but after 12 hours, they can’t be very good. I heard about this story on the news Tuesday morning, when they said he’d been missing 11 hours at that point. I thought, “oh no”. It sounded like this wouldn’t end well. But then this morning, when I went to the Tribune’s website, I saw it had a happy ending, and even though I don’t know the child, or the family, it brought me great joy.

We confront quite enough bad news; I like to hear something good once in a while.

Of course, I can’t imagine the grief and heartache those parents had to endure for all those hours, and the fear in a little three-year-old boy, alone in the woods, all night long. Words fail me. We lost our then-kindergartner at Epcot a few years ago, for 10 minutes or so, and while I try not to freak out about kids getting lost for a few minutes, it was Epcot. Have you seen Epcot? It’s very, very big. Lots and lots of people. Who knows what a little kid is going to do in that situation? But our little boy was so smart, and went up to a uniformed security guard, and said “I can’t find my parents”, and then I saw them walking towards me, and … well, the sense of relief was indescribable.

So for this one story at least, it’s nice to hear everybody is OK.  I like that.

Last year, there was a similar miracle, that I wrote about here.


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