Well. THAT Was An Interesting 24 Hours.

Last night, about 7:45, some serious weather rolled through the Chicago area, including a lightning show with the usual thunder — many of the lightning bolts were very close, like within a half mile or so — and prodigious amounts of rain and wind. Our power went out at about 8:15.

By 9:30, the storm was mostly done, and our kids went to bed. Still no power.

By 10:30, we were getting pretty tired, but I wanted to listen to more of the Cubs game, which had been delayed by nearly three hours, so I stayed on the front porch and listened to it. I ended up falling asleep out there, then woke up around 12 and upstairs to bed. Still no power.

At morning light, as usual, I woke up. Still no power.

We went out for coffee, juice, and rolls at Panera at 9:30, and then to the library so we could get some books and check email and whatnot. Got home 11:15. Still no power.

Went to the food store, to get ice, to pack coolers, so we could save the stuff in the fridge. Immediately went back to the food store to get more ice and a cheap styrofoam cooler because we didn’t have enough room for everything. Got home 12:45. Still no power.

Did some household errands and read some of the Wall Street Journal, did some weeding in the yard, then went to the pool. Got home 4:45. Still no power.

Finally, while getting an early dinner ready before Jacob’s football practice, the power went back on at 5:15.

21 hours of no electricity. Yep, we were living like freaking pioneers.

We were actually somewhat lucky, since the weather wasn’t super hot today — I’m really glad it wasn’t 95 degrees. It was about 86 or so for a high, with medium humidity. Not bad at all.

So this is part of the reason I didn’t post anything today. You’re welcome.


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