Must Read: Rant of the Week

Rachel Lucas on man-bashing by the “sassy bitches” demographic.

Now in all seriousness. I’m with Michele; these ra-ra man-bashing “sentiments” drive me absolutely nuts, mostly because it makes women look so very, very stupid. You’d have to be stupid not to easily see the hypocrisy and moral failure in this line of thinking. That store I linked above, oh Jesus, imagine selling shit just like that but instead of “men” you use any other group on the whole planet.

Women are like paper napkins…convenient and disposable.

All blacks are idiots and I live next door to their king.

I only buy her things so she’ll have sex with me.

I love kindhearted women. They’re easier to take advantage of.

I ran into a Mexican last week. Backed up and ran over him again.

People would FLIP OUT.

Some have asked me why I bother getting pissed about this kind of thing, and the reason is because it’s wrong. It’s hypocritical and unproductive. It deepens the rifts between men and women, it puts men on the defensive, and personally I don’t LIKE men being on the defensive because they’re just as difficult to deal with as bitchy women. It foments contention and has absolutely no redeeming value. It’s just like “reverse” racism – which we all know is actual racism – and any woman who thinks those captions are “cute” or “funny” is no smarter or more enlightened than your average chauvinist pig.

Gah, it just drives me nuts, that’s all. Like Michele said, it’s embarrassing in a way. I am actively embarrassed by the hordes of man-hating women out there doing their level best to convince every man they come across that we’re a bunch of mean, bitter bitches. I wish they would grow up and stop that shit.

Final score: Rachel 73, Sassy Bitches 0.

And it wasn’t really as close as the score indicates.

Read the whole thing.


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