Tribune Pondering a Move from “Iffy” to “Yeah, We Suck”

There’s a rumor floating around now that former Sun-Times sports columnist Jay Mariotti is coming to the Tribune.

Ho-Kay … this pretty much seals the deal for me, on the question “Is the Tribune really just expensive bird-cage liner?”

I appreciate Sam Zell’s efforts to re-invent the paper, and he’s on the right track there. But really … Jay Mariotti? That’s going to fix declining circulation and ad revenue?

I don’t think so. Anger and spittle might work on TV, but it doesn’t work in print. At least, not for me, and I imagine, not for most people.

Jay Mariotti is not good at, you know, writing. Apparently, being a decent writer isn’t a requirement for being a columnist. Good to know.

Here’s an example of an excellent columnist *and* an excellent writer: Barry Rozner of the Daily Herald. Plus: he’s not a twit. Win/win/win!

UPDATE: Crisis averted! Chicago Tribune status back to “iffy”.

  1. Mike said:

    I actually think he is a clever writer who can definitely turn a phrase. The problem I have is that he isn’t a dedicated, professional journalist. He think he simply talks smack at a the level of a smarmy, malevolent blogger. He’s literally a glorified **** talker. I hate the attack he’s leveled at Ozzie Guillen for years now.

    Jim Rome is pretty similar, but he has more respect for the games and the athletes.

    Though, I should mention that I don’t either of these guys anymore.

  2. You might be closer to the truth about Mariotti than my above ranting. What can I say, I just can’t stand the whiny little dweeb. He represents, for me, everything I can’t stand about sports journalists, and even journalists in general: arrogant pricks who know nothing except how to criticize those who take chances by actually trying to do something.

  3. Mike said:

    Well, and you and I share that criticism of the thousands of bloggers out there who think being a big league baseball player is easy. They’re so quick to call players awful and only praise the greatest players at certain ages.