Songs I Like A Lot: “My Baby’s Gone” by George Jones

From the CD One Woman Man (1989).

Why I Like It

It’s George Jones, singing poetry. Any questions?

Read the refrain out loud (awesome lyrics by Hazel Marie Houser):

Hold back the rushing minutes, make the wind lie still
Don’t let the moonlight shine across the lonely hill
Dry all the raindrops, then hold back the sun
My world has ended, my baby’s gone

“Hold back the rushing minutes, make the wind lie still”. That’s gold, right there. And George Jones knows how to wring every drop of emotion out of a lyric like that.


I’ve had this CD a long time, since it came out; I bought it partly because it has a drinking song featuring George pouring bourbon out of a bottle shaped like Elvis, into a Flintstones jelly glass, and downing a series of toasts, all by himself, with the refrain “Yabba dabba doo, the King is gone, and so are you”. You gotta love a goofy song like that.

Lately I’ve been listening to it when I’m on one of my 90 minute bike rides, or working out at the Y, and have found it to be a great CD for that. And every time, this song just kills me when it comes on.

The whole CD is pretty good, and worth getting, if you like traditional country music at all.


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