Quote of the Week, International Laughingstock Edition

From ESPN, FIG Investigating China’s 2000 Team, Too:

“If we had a look at all the articles that came before, during and after the games, there were always rumors about the ages of China’s athletes in Sydney,” Andre Gueisbuhler, secretary general of the International Gymnastics Federation, told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

“We did not have another choice,” he said. “If we want to remain credible, then we have to look into things.”

Ah, I see. So let me get this straight.

The head guy at the International Gymnastics Federation relies on news articles from 8 years ago, that raise questions about whether competitors in his sport played by the rules. And then waits until he has no other choice but to “look into things”, in a late bid to salvage any remaining credibility he may or may not have, rather than to establish the truth and therefore restore any sense of justice or fair play to the competition.

Apparently, Inspector Clouseau lives, and is on the case!

  1. Mike said:


    You and I disagree on many political issues. However, let me say this… whether a person leans to the left or the right… thank god for last night’s debate.

    What a dramatic improvement over Gore vs. Bush. I think both McCain and Obama were impressive and demonstrated presidential qualities. More importantly, both seemed to have command of the issues and didn’t sound like inarticulate morons.

  2. Didn’t watch. 😉

    I’ll read up on some analysis of it over the weekend though. You’re right, a good debate is good for everybody.