Songs I Like A Lot: “More Than One Way Home” by Keb’ Mo’

Why I Like It

Keb Mo (real name Kevin Moore) sings about his childhood — in Compton — with obvious affection:

And the Thurmond boys on peach street, with only their dad
So proud of themselves, and that old Pontiac they had
And Miss Brooks, her bible, and her three little boys
At the Double Rock Baptist Church, makin’ a joyful noise

Well there’s more than one way home
Ain’t no right way, ain’t no wrong
And whatever road you might be on
You find your own way
‘Cause there’s more than one way home


This song has a “relaxed energy”, and is great for working out or running on the iPod. It’s great for just listening, or driving, too. Pretty much great all the way ’round.

It’s from the CD “Just Like You” from 1996, his second on a major label, which I bought when it came out. The YouTube link above is for a live version of “More Than One Way Home”, but the studio version from the CD is there too, and I prefer it for the superior audio (though the live one linked above has better video).

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  1. Mike said:


    Catchers aren’t really that important defensively.

    Last year, the Padres’ season ended when Barrett couldn’t hold on to an outfield assist from Brian Giles.

    Last night, the White Sox prevented a Twins run when Pierzynski competently collected an outfield assist from Griffey… on a really tough play. The Sox went on to win 1-0, right?

    JB, how could you and I know anything about baseball without the statheads?