NLDS Game 3: Dodgers 3, Cubs 1

Well. THAT sucked.

I’ll have more to add later, but long story short: the Cubs have once again been swept in the first round, for the second year in a row. This time it was the Dodgers playing the role of executioner, winning 3-1.

UPDATE: the series composite box score.

  1. Mike said:


    I’m laughing as I write this. I’ve got some numbers for you:

    Postseason OPS:

    Mark Grace – .905 – 82 AB’s
    Sammy Sosa – .818 – 53 AB’s
    Rafael Palmeiro – .759 – 82 AB’s
    Alfonso Soriano – .562 OPS – 174 AB’s

    Aren’t you glad we have stat heads to tell us that we never should have traded Palmeiro for Grace? Aren’t you glad we have them to tell us what a superior player Sammy Sosa was to Grace? Aren’t you glad we have them to tell us that Soriano should be our leadoff man no matter what?

    Just admit it, JB. There’s no way you could possibly understand baseball without these statheads!

  2. Mike said:

    You know what I mean… but just to be clear. Obviously we didn’t trade Palmeiro directly for Grace… but rather to clear the way for him.

  3. I did some research a few weeks ago in response to getting abuse at certain websites, just to lay out the case as to why I’m not a huge Soriano fan, and in case you didn’t see it (I put it on my Essays page), you might want to check it out. Bottom line on his career so far: a very good / borderline great hitter during the regular season, but a pretty lousy one in the postseason.

    Soriano just proved me right, unfortunately. I was really hoping he’d prove me wrong, and prove he can play in the postseason. Of course he’s not the only one who hasn’t performed, and the same criticism can be made of quite a few current Cubs.

    I’m not sure where they go from here.

  4. Mike said:

    Hey JB,

    I hadn’t read that one… and it’s a good one. Well done.

    Meanwhile, we had a guy with a .387 obp starting each game. That’s a leadoff man.

    We really should have pulled the trigger on whatever it would have taken to land Brian Roberts. I was actually in favor of that trade this past spring. Would it really kill us to be without Pie, Gallagher, Marshall, Murton, E-Patt, Ronny, etc.? From what I recall it would have taken one of the pitchers and a couple of the others.

    As for where they go from here… I think it will be interesting to see if they do address leadoff. And then, do you give Fukudome a chance to adjust? He may need to tweak his entire approach to be successful. Perhaps planting his feet better. He has the eye and the bat speed. In center field, if Edmonds would sign cheap, I’d bring he, Reed Johnson, and Pie all to camp and tell them two will head to Chicago.

    I’ve always liked DeRosa as the starter without a set position. So, if we acquire a shortstop who’s better defensively and move Theriot to second, I’d be happy with that.

    But coming full circle, where can a leadoff man fit in? CF, SS, 2B, RF. Theriot? I’ve wished he was our leadoff man since last spring. If not him, there aren’t that many choices out there. Good leadoff men are hard to find.