Nothing Says Christmas Like … Reindeer Dung Ornaments


The idea for the ornaments came indirectly from a story zoo director John Tobias heard about his Irish grandmother. It seems that back in the early 1900s, his grandmother would take chocolate drops and sprinkle them around so the children in the family would think that reindeer had really visited.

I’m trying to picture … a Christmas tree … with … a turd … hanging from one of the branches. It’s not really working for me. You?

We sometimes give ornaments to family members as gifts, but I don’t really see giving reindeer dung ornaments as gifts. No matter how attractive they might be — and really, what could be more attractive than dried reindeer poo with clear-coat and glitter? — I can’t think of a good way to break the news when they ask “so … what is this made from?”


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