Nuts Are Health Food

So add nuts to the list of “yummy food that is also medicine when taken in moderation”:

  • olive oil
  • red wine
  • coffee and tea
  • nuts

Coincidentally, I’ve been eating more nuts lately — a lot more — and I’ve noticed a few short-term benefits, too. They help with “regularity” — what a dumb word that is, to mean, well … you know. My skin and hair — which are usually pretty dry, to the point I get itchy — are softer and more “normalized”. And my blood sugar seems to do very well when I eat nuts a few times throughout the day, which makes sense, because they have both protein and fiber, which I’ve read are very important in managing blood sugar.

The article lists other benefits:  antioxidants like vitamin E, and unsaturated fat, a “healthier fat known to lower blood triglycerides and increase good cholesterol”.  Which, if you’re like me, means you lose some of your taste for less healthy forms of fat, like cheese and other animal fats.  Win/win.

Plus, they are one of my favorite snacks.  Especially the butter toffee coated kind.  OK, fine, maybe I’m pushing a boundary or two there.

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