Lovie Smith Thinks We R Stupid

Over the last two weeks, the Bears needed a whole bunch of teams to lose in order to make a wild-card spot: 4 of them last week, and 2 this week. All lost.

The Bears were missing just one thing:  winning their last game against Houston, which they lost 31-24. In the fourth quarter, they allowed a six-minute, 90 yard drive for a nail-in-the-coffin touchdown to make it 31-17.

The defense allowed 455 yards for the game. 4-5-5.

Greg Couch of the Sun-Times says “Lovie’s in denial”, because he thinks the Bears are “close”.

Close to what? Catching fire, from being torched so often? Barely making the playoffs, so they can be shown the door by the Atlanta Falcons? Is this how we measure success today?

Not in my world, it isn’t.


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