It’s New Year’s Day +1 … so … That Must Mean the Big Ten Embarrassed Itself Again

USC beat Penn State in the Rose Bowl yesterday.

In other news, water is wet.

What would be sweet is if, some day, before I die, some bad-ass Big 10 team could travel out to Pasadena on a Jan. 1, and kicks the living snot out of USC, with the whole county watching on national TV.Β 

Yeah … that’s probably not going to happen.

Instead, the inevitability of USC or some other West Coast team cleaning the clock of the sacrificial offering sent by the Big 10 every year is so regular, you can set your watch by it.

Let’s see, if a Rose Bowl is on TV, and it’s just about over, and USC is winning big, then it must be Jan. 1, about 7:15 pm Central Standard Time. Yep. Sure is!

And then next year, the Big Ten will continue to delude itself that it is still a major factor in big time college football.

Last night during the telecast, Kirk Herbstreit pointed out that the Big Ten had lost the last 8 Rose Bowls by an average of 25 points, and was losing, late, in this one, by 24.

Make it 9, now. With an average margin of more than 20 points.

As emphatic statements go, that is a pretty solid one.

You don’t lose 9 in a row, by an average of more than 20 points, unless you pretty much can’t carry the jocks of the best of the elite teams in the other conference. By which we mean, of course, USC.

And their cheerleaders are hotter, too. Lose/lose.


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