“Scouting and Development”? What’s That?!

Mark Cuban on attempting to buy the Chicago Cubs Baseball Club:

My plans were to spend to win, not to spend for spending’s sake. IMHO, the money I could save being in the 2nd tier of payroll could be invested in scouting and development.

“Investing in scouting and development”! What a concept.

A smart concept. A foreign concept to generations of Cubs ownership and fandom, but then, this is sort of implied by the whole “smart” thing. Although, I have to give current management credit, they seem to be developing some players a little better than they used to.

But when the best player on the team during the last 30 years is a player from the Phillies farm system (Ryne Sandberg), this is a strong clue that your scouting and development program wasn’t top notch.

Anyway, the whole post is really interesting, and recommended. An insider’s view into the process of buying a baseball team, including the possibility that White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf has a motive to lobby against Cuban: he wouldn’t want free-spending competition in town.


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