Add “Picking Up a Phone” to the List of Trash Talking Offenses

I’m sorry, but I just don’t get what the big deal is about Donovan McNabb picking up a phone on the New York Giants’ sideline.

Did he really get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for picking up a phone?

Yep.  Sure did.

I thought it was sort of light-hearted and funny, myself. Maybe refs have no sense of humor, or think the Giants don’t have one.

He picked up a phone, pretended to talk into it for just a second, and hung it back up.  Then he jogged back to his huddle, without so much as looking at the Giants players on the sideline.

How this is anything like shoving a ball in an opponent’s face after scoring a touchdown, I’m not real sure.

What I am sure about is that sometimes, sports officials get too caught up in the emotion of a game, and throw their weight around by calling serious infractions for pretty silly reasons.

Lighten up, Francis!

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  1. mdbirdlover said:

    Officiating has been horrible this year. I’m sorry I missed that one, I THINK IT SOUNDS QUITE FUNNY AS WEL.