Nice Job, Brave University Bureaucrats

The Internet claims another unfortunate victim.

Iowa football radio announcer Ed Podolak was canned due to some pictures posted on a blog. OK, technically he resigned, but we all know how this works: embarrassing stuff happens, and then the perp “resigns”. Wink, wink.

This is one way the Internet makes us all dumber. Sombody takes a picture, self-publishes it on the Internet, and suddenly it’s a CRISIS that must be managed by brave, anonymous bureaucrats.

And rather than show an ounce of courage or spine, they make the easy choice, under the illusion that it makes them look resolute and firm.

Instead, it looks weak and reactionary.

Congratulations, University of Iowa!

“University administrators: No molehill so small we can’t make a mountain out of it!”

Here are the notorious pictures. Judge for yourself.

Newsflash: fans who travel to bowl games like to party it up at night. Sometimes, flirting and salacious behavior is involved. True fact!

Are we now going to freak out about every time somebody gets caught acting a little wild and crazy on their own time? Really?

That’s an awfully low bar to clear. Everybody has cameras on their phones, and a way to either post the pics, or email them to somebody who will. The editorial process — “is there a compelling public interest here? ” — never really happens. And then the sh*t hits the fan, and people lose jobs.

All because they had both the audacity to live their life, and the misfortune of somebody snapping a pic of it.

We need to buck up a little bit here.

My $.02 anyway.


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