Top 10 Reasons Tiger Woods Came Back Early

10. Newborns cry at night.
9. Hasn’t kicked any Phil Mickelson hiney in a loooonnng time.
8. Bored with counting the money from his $100M yearly income aside from golf.
7. Have I mentioned, newborns cry alot?  ‘Cuz they do.
6. Wants to try out the cool new set of irons he bought at Wal-Mart for $129.  With free sand wedge!
5. President of CBS offered to wash Tiger’s fleet of cars, every week for the rest of his life.
4. You can only do so many Sudoku puzzles.  Especially the impossible 6 star kind.  Really, is that necessary?  Making us feel like idiots?  It’s a puzzle, not a torture device.
3. Baby … crying … must … get … sleep.
2. PGA Tour officials were starting to get a little too emo. Time to man up.
And the number one reason is …
1. Wife finally told him to get off his butt, cut out the beer drinking, get out of the house, and find a damn job.


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