New Sheriff in Town, NFC

49ers coach Mike Singletary is building a big hill right next to the team practice facility, for running sprints. He’s calling it “Mt. Pain”.

Uh-oh. New sheriff in town, NFC!

Here’s Coach Singletary:

Singletary was pleased that the players who fared best in the drills also happen to be team leaders, citing [Vernon] Davis, Frank Gore, Shaun Hill and Alex Smith.

Near the end of Friday’s session, for example, Singletary considered ending the drills early. But “Vernon was the first one to say, ‘No, we’re going to finish this,’ and everybody else chimed in,” Singletary said. “I think that says a lot about our team.”

It also says a lot about the coach, and value of the drill.

Hello, Coach Lovie Smith?  Giving you any ideas at all?  Anyone? Bueller?  Anyone?

Both Jerry Rice and Walter Payton trained by running hills. Both had kinda OK careers.

It’s a lot like the old saying: you’re not done with football practice until you’re puking. Or maybe I just made that up … not really sure. Sounds like an old saying.

(via Game On!)


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