How Not to Buy Gifts for Royalty

President Obama does it again: to the Queen of England, of all the possible gifts he could give, he comes up with … an iPod.

A consumer toy, targeted at electronics-obsessed music fans aged 18-34. For the Queen of England.

Hey, maybe she wants that cool new iPhone, too! Hell, why not just get her a gift card to the Apple Store? I’ll bet she goes there all the time. Well, she would, if she wasn’t the Queen of England, that is.

On the Queen’s iPod, his crack staff had thoughtfully pre-loaded a wonderous array of Obama photos and speeches. Because, of course, the Queen of Freaking England is totally going to sit around and listen to speeches by a young know-nothing punk like him. On an iPod.

She’s so random, that crazy Queen!

Can’t you just see her swooning, dreamy eyed, with little white earbuds hanging out of her ears, hanging on every teleprompted word?

Mmmmm … nope. Me neither.

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  1. No said:

    Can you imagine if Bush had given garbage gifts like this? They’d STILL be on the air talking about what a hickish rube he was for so doing.

    Hasn’t ER been on the throne longer than this moron has even been alive?