Your One-Stop Shop for Billy Corgan Recent Weirdness Updates!

Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins has been very busy annoying rock critics lately, and as we all know, rock critics hardly ever let sideshow issues color their opinions of music artists.

Conveniently, as a service to my literally dozens of loyal readers and also search engine bots, I’ve provided a handy guide to “Billy Corgan’s Recent Weirdness as Chronicled by Jim DeRogatis”.

First Billy came out in favor of the Ticketmaster/LiveNation merger. As one can well imagine, lots of important legal papers and decimal points are involved. Also, the opinions of rock critics. Fortunately for you I have no opinion on it whatsoever. This may save you vitally important seconds of your life; you can thank me later.

A bit later, he split with long-time drummer, Jimmy Chamberlain. Not sure why. Don’t really care either. Some folks might.

Here he is celebrating Sasha Gray’s 21st birthday. She is a porn star, I guess. Never heard of her. Click on the link for a boring picture featuring fully-clothed people. Regardless, Billy was on the VIP list for this one … for some strange reason that I don’t want to know, or picture. Mental bleach, please!

Then he appeared at some “peta2” event protesting abuse of chickens. Chickens that are, it must be said, raised solely to be (1) killed and (2) eaten. Also, they are chickens. There, he posed in this awkward photo with Tila Tequila, who is somebody famous but I don’t know how or why. Possibly because she is hawt?

OK, so I was wrong … none of this is all that important, after all.  Sorry. There’s 45 seconds of your life you’ll never get back! Or just 30, if you’re a fast reader.

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  1. Mike said:

    We won the series. You know me… the goal is to win series. If you win series, you’ll be a successful baseball team. It’s even better when you take a series on the road.

    It’s no secret that I’m a Billy Corgan fan. When he gets it right, his music is extraordinary. Half the other time, it’s indulgent and boring.

    I’ve never thought of him as a great thinker. But once again, he’s got a catalogue of good work that you can put up against anyone. Even this last record had some absolute gems.

    And I must say, he’s definitely smart enough to spend some time with Tila Tequila. That girl is hot.