Bernie Williams: Former Ballplayer, Current Jazz Guitarist

Two of My Favorite Things Together: Baseball and Music

Check out Bernie Williams playing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” unplugged:

He does a very nice job interpreting that tired old sing-along in a new way. Quiet, reflective, acoustic. Nice.

Go ahead, click already, I can pretty much guarantee it will be the coolest thing you’ll hear all day. He has a new CD out Tuesday called Moving Forward, on Reform Records.

I think this is just outstanding.

Former athletes, for whatever reason, rarely embark on new creative challenges like “jazz guitarist”

As many of us can attest, it isn’t easy to take on new challenges in your forties. If it was, you’d see a whole lot more people doing it. Most of us slide quietly into whatever is easiest, whatever involves just about zero risk.  Becoming a professional musician at that age is usually not on the menu.

Yet Bernie Williams is ready to risk his very well-known name in a very public way.  For very little money, I suspect.

Of course, his risk might be mitigated somewhat by, you know, being Bernie Williams, and having made a whole bunch of money playing for the Yankees for 16 years. Unless he invested heavily with AIG or Bernie Madoff.

Still, I for one applaud his effort. And after watching that video, I think he’s got some pretty decent guitarist chops, too.


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