Creating “Green” Jobs that Serve No Market? Good Plan!

Spain tried the “green jobs” thing:

“The U.S. should expect a loss of at least 2.2 jobs on average, or about nine jobs lost for every four (green jobs) created,” Alvarez wrote in his 41-page study of Spain’s own green-job revolution.

“An examination of Europe’s experience” in trying to green the economy, which dates back to 1997, “reveals these policies to be terribly economically counterproductive.”

Oh. Well, I’m sure it will work much better for us: we’ve got a cool President. Economic markets bow at his feet!

Hmmm. Seems to me the Soviets tried this kind central planning to “create” jobs, and the end result was that they produced too many razor blades and not enough toilet paper.

But never mind all that. “Green” is the hot marketing trend right now. And we know how well economic markets always follow hot marketing trends!

  1. Mike said:

    I don’t care if the Bulls lose all four games, this Derrick Rose is something else. I hope he has a long career in a Bulls uniform. I’m writing this in the 3rd Qtr., Bulls up 5, mainly because of Derrick Rose. He’s not Michael Jordan, but this game is reminding me of the famous Jordan playoff game in Boston that caused Bird to say, “He’s god in basketball shoes.” It’s not that great a game, but does remind me of it.

    Go Bulls… and Go ‘Hawks.

  2. jb said:

    All true. But that has nothing to do with “green jobs”.

  3. Mike said:

    Well, at least ‘green’ has a chance in the US if we do get subsidies. Most US solar businesses went to Germany for sales because their gov’t has them.

    I’m ambivalent on green jobs. There’s nothing wrong with ‘natural’ energy and becoming as self-sufficient as possible. But, it has to make economic sense, obviously.

    Solar energy is hardly efficient. Solar’s better for hot water. I’d like to see more wind, especially here on the coast where there’s loads of it. I don’t think the plains are lacking for wind either.

    But, who knows what we might be able to harness safely from fission or fusion in the near future?