Lameness Update

Almost a Week, Just One Blog Post

Holy Schnikies! Is it Wednesday already?

How time flies when you’re not on the Internets. The entire weekend, I was on the computer about 30 minutes, tops.

It is amazing how much more time you have for … you know … your life, when you get away from the damn Internet.

And then, Monday night, the Blackhawks playoff game, a potential clincher, was on. Had to watch that. They won 4-1.

And then on Tuesday night, the Bulls playoff game, a huge game 5 against the Celtics in what is already a classic series, was on. Had to watch that, too.

I ask you, how is a man to get things done under these horrific conditions? I’m pretty sure it could be classified as “torture”. Especially if you cranked up the A/C and played some Christina Aguilera records at high volume.

I do have some things I want to write about, like this attempt to brainwash local high school kids with anti-handgun hysteria, but haven’t gotten around to yet. Maybe by the end of the week.

In the meantime, go read my most recent essay at The Love of Sports, Off the Field with LeBron’s Past. LeBron James is not only a great basketball player, he is a solid citizen with a compelling life story that you’ll want to read.

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