This is the kind of trouble we get ourselves into when we let Congress out of it’s cage.

The case revolves around Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which requires that job candidates and employees be treated equally without regard to race or ethnicity.

But it is frequently difficult to prove that an employer is engaged in intentional discrimination. For this reason, Congress has also empowered victims of discrimination to sue in instances when an employment practice results in a disparate impact against members of a protected minority group.

So you aren’t allowed to focus on race. Except when you have to, to avoid even the appearance of discrimination.

And you’d better follow these contradictory rules, or you’ll get your ass sued!

Memo to geniuses in Congress: you’ve implemented ideas from the wrong revolution. The American Revolution was inspired by liberty for all; it was the French Revolution that used equal outcomes as the guiding principle.

We don’t live in France.

Sometimes I’m not sure where we live, frankly.

Especially when the President of the United States chooses not to visit Normandy to honor the sacrifices of our WWII war dead … because it might offend Germany.

  1. No said:

    Obama is a moron. He should have just said he didn’t have time on that trip. Isn’t he going this year on the anniversary of the D-day landings anyway?

  2. I hope so. I really do. Maybe he can get one thing right.