When Do We Say “Enough is Enough”?

The number of Chicago Public School students murdered this school year? 35

Alex Arellano, 15 years old, was said to be a quiet kid who stayed away from gangs. He was tortured before he was murdered: beaten with baseball bats, hit by a car, shot in the head, and burned beyond recognition.

Thirty. Five. Children. Murdered. In one school year.

I don’t care how big a school system is, you can’t explain away a statistic like that.

It indicates social breakdown on a mass scale.

People keep trying to address education failures in big cities by treating them as education problems. They are not. They are generally social problems, manifested in many ways, just one of which is poor education performance.

Security is the first requirement in a productive society. Unsurprisingly, kids who have to worry about getting killed while going to school don’t focus all that well.

So, some questions.

Who is really in charge in the city of Chicago? Is it the gangs, or the police?

And can the mayor continue to insist that the problems with crime are caused by legal gun owners? After all, that is the only rational basis for arguments in favor of banning handguns. So why isn’t it working?

I’ll just throw this out there. It isn’t working because it can’t work. It is a fatally flawed idea. It isn’t a matter of not enough money, or not enough laws, or not enough police, or just needing a few tweaks to get the “right” kind of weapons off the streets.

The evidence says that concealed-carry laws reduce crime, while handgun bans increase it; a city that truly wants to be a safer place would opt for policies that work, instead of platitudes that don’t.

Peoples lives depend on these policies. It isn’t a parlor game.

  1. xiwhang said:

    Apprarently, you never say “enough”–you simply promote those who ran the system into the ground into more important jobs!

  2. Like, say, President of the United States? 🙂