Hawks Advance to Western Conference Finals

Big congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks for winning their second round series and advancing to the Western Conference finals!

After dispatching Vancouver in six games, the youngest team in the NHL now moves on to face either Anaheim or Detroit, pending the result of game seven in that series on Thursday.

The Hawks (and their fans) have some good reasons to prefer Detroit in this matchup:

  • the two teams (and fan bases) already have an intense rivalry, no shortage of playoff hatred here
  • the Wings are the defending Stanley Cup champs
  • flying to Detroit is a hell of a lot shorter than flying to Anaheim, especially after two trips each to Calgary and Vancouver
  • Anaheim is known for thuggish play

On the other hand, there are some good reasons to avoid Detroit:

  • the Wings are really, really good
  • so the Hawks might lose

I guess I”d rather play Detroit too. Bring on the best! The Hawks have learned a lot over the last two playoff series, and playing Detroit will be another test they need to pass in order to move up and capture the big prize.


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