Your Random Notes for the Day

Cain’t say I never gave you nuthin’!

  • Phosphor Bronze guitar strings suck. I put some on my all-solid-wood Garrison acoustic, and they sound like they’re being played under nine sheets of kleenex. Avoid them. I’ve decided that 80/20 Bronze is my friend; even when they age, they sound great. If on the other hand you like the Phosphor Bronze strings? Well, I’m glad you like them! Keep them away from me though. And wouldn’t you know, I bought an extra set of these things.
  • When you get in your car first thing on a Monday morning, and head to the Y for a workout, and a great song like “Who’s That Lady” by the Isley Brothers pops up on the radio, you just know it’s going to be a great day. Did you ever listen closely to the instruments on that song? Especially the guitar of Ernie Isley? Yow! Dude kicks serious ass. From the unbelievably great album “3+3”, which I bought used at a record store in Dekalb, Illinois, back in 1980 or so for $3, and still have to this day. Easily the best $3 I ever spent.
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  1. CGHill said:

    That’s a song the Isleys cut twice, though the first version, recorded in 1964, was rather a lot less interesting, which I attribute to the absence of Ernie, who was then twelve years old and hadn’t even learned guitar yet.