Driving While Texting = Cleaning Out the Gene Pool

For all the yahoos and moe-rons that just can’t put aside the damn iPhones and Crackberrys whilst motoring a vehicle on public roads: 10 Car Pile-Up! ROTFL!

It’s a must-read.

Apparently, 26% of drivers admit to texting while driving. Um, talk about impaired.

What if 26% of drivers admitted they were legally drunk while driving? Impaired is impaired. Just what the hell is the difference to the unlucky ones that get hit?

When it comes to the types of impaired driving we get all up in arms about, we are curiously capricious.

I wonder … is MADD going to start another chapter devoted to this form of potentially lethal use of a vehicle? And get that PR and lobbying machine all cranked up to demonize “texting and driving”? Care to place a bet?

All that aside, we would do well to remember that driving a car is a public safety issue.

While we are very sorry if it interrupts your busy Twittering schedule, that’s just too f*cking bad.

Deal. With. It.