Things We “Know” That Aren’t True

Facts are stubborn things. By their very nature, they are immutable, unmovable, eternal. There is no equivocation with a fact. It just is, always and forever.

That’s why we like them. Their “truthiness” is an intrinsic good, with real value.

Then we have pop culture facts. Things we “know”, that aren’t really true. These are far less valuable, but we seem to uncover more and more of them every day.

Some of the best pop culture facts are “green” myths. For example, from a green blog, a few of the Top Ten Green Living Myths:

  • Green myth: Recycled paper is better for the environment than virgin paper. Fact: It depends!
  • Green myth: Local food is always greener. Fact: It depends!
  • Green myth: Washing dishes by hand uses less water than a dishwasher. Fact: It depends!
  • Green myth: An electric car is best for the environment. Fact: It depends!
  • Green myth: If you want to help alleviate global warming, plant trees. Fact: It depends!

But don’t worry. I’m sure all those *other* environmental crises are based on solid, true facts that you can take to the bank, instead of the pop culture kind.

And while you’re there, take out a bucketful of cash to help pay for all the new taxes that we’ll soon have to pay. In order to somehow stop warming that has already stopped.

Not only that, the dangerous warming has turned into dangerous cooling. Potentially historic cooling, the kind that kills crops. Which causes starvation.

Also, the silly idea that CO2 is dangerous and even toxic to our health seems to be losing momentum.

A bunch of pop culture facts we thought we knew. Turns out … a lot of it is b.s.!

Imagine that.

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