Trying to Care. Not Succeeding.

Yes, it’s been nearly a week since I updated this site.

No, I don’t really miss it.

The Internet is starting to **really** get on my nerves lately, quite frankly. In fact I have an essay I’ve been working on about all of that, and it’s 1600 freaking words.

The editor in me says “prune that thing down, moron.” The writer in me says “but there’s a lot of points to make here!”

Tune in tomorrow to see who wins!

  1. Mike said:


    Don’t seek recognition.

    Only write when you want to… and write whatever the f you feel like writing.

  2. That’s pretty much how I do it already. But lately the things I’m moved to write about have been fairly anger-inducing. And I don’t usually publish what I write when angry.

  3. Mike said:

    Laughing… it’s obvious that I don’t do that either.

    Just kidding.