Which line does CO2 get in to get it’s reputation back?

Another day, another debunking of CO2 as a driver of climate:

“Each successive cooling cycle has had an increase in the rate of CO2 growth over the previous warming cycle,indicating that there is no possible correlation of CO2 with global warming.” – How Many IPCC (and Other) Scientists Fabricate and Falsify Research?, icecap.us

Note that the data at the link doesn’t even allow a correlation model to be constructed, let alone a causation model.

It’s going to be pretty embarrassing to reel in all that talk about man-made global warming now, isn’t it? Especially since opportunistic politicians are trying to raise our taxes to pay for this non-existent risk?

There are so, so many really good reasons to completely ignore all this global warming hysteria, but the best one continues to be that there is no data to support it.


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