This is Just Bizarre. And When I Say Bizarre, I Mean B-I-Z-A-R-R-E

Former WSCR sports radio personality Mike North was fired Friday from his Internet radio startup, along with his wife BeBe and another man. They were fired for inquiring about recent bounced checks for some of the employees, including broadcasting legend Chet Coppock.

Hold on, it hasn’t even begun to get weird yet.

Yesterday, the CEO of the company, David Hernandez, who is also the prime investor in North’s show “Monsters in the Morning” on Comcast SportsNet, called a meeting and announced the company was still in good shape, and that he would make good on the bad checks. He left and said he’d be back at 1:30. He never returned.

Then the employees learned Hernandez is being sued by the SEC for running a Ponzi scheme with his companies NextStep Financial and NextStep Medical Services (the prime sponsor of “Monsters” on Comcast).

Last night, Hernandez’ wife — also named in the SEC suit — reported him missing to the Downers Grove police.

Hernandez, as it turns out, declared bankruptcy three times in the last 5 years, and served time in jail in the late 90s.

So now is probably kaput, though Coppock plans on one more broadcast today at 3:00. THAT ought to be interesting.

And the future of “Monsters”, without its prime sponsor, is up in the air as well.

I always kind of wondered about the sponsorship deal with NextStep and “Monsters”. Seemed a little too good to be true: a single company sponsoring a TV show? When does that ever happen?

Never, apparently.



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