Slow Down, Chumps

If you drive in Illinois, you’d better keep your speed EXACTLY at the work zone speed limit.

If you go too slow, you’ll have 20 ton semis about 6 inches from your rear bumper.

And if you go too fast, even by just ONE MPH, you risk a $375 fine mailed to you as a result of photo enforcement that goes into effect tomorrow, July 1.

Of course, slowing down every driver in every work zone in the entire state will cost us all more time and money. More time, obviously. And more money, because gas mileage is always worse at 45 m.p.h than at 55 or 65. And gas prices are already higher in the summer, because demand is higher … because there are already more of us on the road. A perfect time to insist on slower driving.

And I won’t even get into the possibility that some of the speed trap photo enforcement equipment will be poorly calibrated, resulting in fines for innocent drivers. That would be unhelpful.

I also won’t get into the risks of adding time to an already-long drive which can cause drowsiness later. Again, unhelpful.

But as a benefit, we might get some unknown level of slightly reduced risk. Maybe. So, YAY!

Enjoy your summer! Get out there and travel — the economy needs you!


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