Tiger Woods Gives Back Quite a Bit, In Fact

Recently Jim Brown called out Tiger Woods for not giving back enough.

Well, Jim Brown can just suck it, because Tiger Woods gives back plenty to military families, who deserve it more than most: Tiger Offers Troops a ‘Fore!’ of July.

How about 30,000 free tickets to active-duty military and reservists? Allowing two wounded veterans with prosthetic arms to tee off with Tiger, and devoting a large section of the seating at the first tee to a group from Walter Reed Army Medical Center?

What the hell has Jim Brown done for anybody lately? Maybe I missed his big benefit for those who risk life and limb to defend our freedoms, and our “right” to lead cushy lives.

May God bless Tiger Woods and all he does for our military and their loved ones. They surely deserve all that, and more. And he deserves the credit for providing the leadership to make it all happen.


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