Quiz: Five Oldest Ballparks

What are the five oldest Major League ballparks, in order?

  1. Fenway Park (1912)
  2. Wrigley Field (1914)
  3. Dodger Stadium (1962)
  4. Anaheim Stadium (1966)
  5. Oakland – Alameda County Stadium (1966)

Here’s what I find interesting about this list: there are only two really old ballparks left, and the next oldest is the ageless Dodger Stadium, which still seems so new.

At least, it seems new to me. In fact, Dodger Stadium was one of the newer ballparks when I first started watching ballgames in the late 60s, when the Pirates still played at Forbes Field, the Phillies at Connie Mack, the White Sox at Comiskey, the Twins at the Met, etc.

It’s interesting, too, that 3-4-5 are all in California. I believe that all the California stadiums were built for the wave of westward expansion in all sports during the 50s-60s, when all of these teams moved to or started fresh in California:

  • L.A. Dodgers -1958
  • S. F. Giants – 1958
  • Oakland Raiders – 1960
  • L.A. Lakers – 1960
  • L.A. Angels – 1961
  • Oakland A’s – 1968
  • S. F. Warriors -1962
  • California Seals – 1967
  • L.A. Kings – 1967

It’s hard to believe today, but there were no professional sports teams west of Kansas City until 1958, as far as I know.


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