Sunday Links

Shoeless Joe’s sweet spot – Shoeless Joe Jackson’s house in Greenville, Mississippi, has been turned into a museum. Cool trivia: he had a “pet parrot named Robert E. Lee whose vocabulary was limited to screeching: ‘Yerrrrr out!'” and a “letter from Ted Williams endorsing Jackson’s enshrinement into the Baseball Hall of Fame”.

Caravan’s Lenti, Maine South’s Bliss suspended – Bliss was suspended for violating an IHSA rule that “allows only two kids per school to attend certain workouts.” Said Bliss: “At one point there were 139 quarterbacks there. How could I show any favoritism towards Maine South?” Yeah, we can’t have any of that “free camp” stuff, can we?

Bearsapalooza at Soldier Field – notes from yesterday’s practice at Soldier Field. Highlight: “Cutler also opened the two-minute drill with a rifle to Hester for approximately a 40-yard gain. And when I say Cutler threw it on a line, it was on a line. He didn’t put any air under the ball whatsoever.”


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