Monday Links

Proactive Policing, Lax Jailing – Surprise: “broken windows” policing policies seem to work. Not a surprise: the ACLU fights these policies. Sensible people who like low crime rates might ask why.

‘Religious Left’ to Launch Pro-Health Care Reform Campaign – Remember, back in the good old days, when the Left denounced religious influence in politics? Now it’s good. Try to keep up, please. Quoting:

The “40 Days for Health Reform” initiative, set to launch Monday at 11 a.m., will include the release of a national TV ad featuring local clergy and people of faith, prayer events, a nationwide health care sermon weekend, and a number of meetings with members of Congress, among other events.

Exclusive Interview: Hacking The iPhone Through SMS – This is pretty much like a “bank robbing consultant” explaining how to break into a bank vault, and then discussing it in a willing press. But it’s probably OK, I’m sure real hackers never read about the exploits of security consultants on the web.

  1. I tend to think that the Christian principles of loving one another and the example of the Good Samaritan, would argue FOR supporting health care reform.

  2. For reform as a general concept, yes. But not for the pile of crap being sold to us today as “reform”. Socialized medicine doesn’t work, for a whole bunch of reasons, and wishing otherwise won’t change that.

    There are sensible reforms to advocate for, that use free market principles, which means they will generally work, or at least have some chance of working. But having government bureaucracy tax us and then control the health care they dole out is a recipe for failure. Very expensive failure. Ask anybody in Canada, the U.K., or anywhere else they have implemented systems like this.

    Having compassion is a fine thing. Using that emotion to advocate for expensive policies that are proven failures is, um, not so fine.