Tuesday Links

Sincerely, John Hughes – If you read nothing else all day, read this. From all I’ve learned over the last few days since Hughes’ much-too-soon death, he was my kind of people. The main reason he dropped out of Hollywood? He was scared to death of what it might do to his kids.

Attorney for Buffalo cab driver says Kane incident overblown – Hmmm. When the victim’s attorney is saying the charges are overblown, that’s a pretty strong indicator. Quoted:

“There was a dispute over the fee and it just kind of escalated from there,” LoTempio told the station. “It was not really a robbery. That is probably a large distortion of what happened.”

Asked if the case would end up as a felony, he said: “Absolutely not.”

Slow-play rule in spotlight after Tiger, Harrington were timed – Do we really care if they’re playing slow? I don’t. I know it’s a rule, and golf is a stickler for rules like no other sport, but what if the hurried pace caused Harrington to make bad shots on the 16th hole, and push him out of contention? Not sure that rule is a good one, if it affects decision-making in PGA events. And a “boo-yah” to Tiger Woods for criticizing the call, and taking the fine for it.

Best receiver you haven’t heard of: Andre Johnson – Great player, no trash talking, just hands the ball to the ref after touchdowns like he’s been there before and it’s part of his job. My kind of player.

Can Jazz Be Saved? – Doesn’t sound very promising. Terry Teachout has the story.

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