Record Cold July in Chicago

We had a beautiful month of May in Chicago this July.

It was the “first July in 139 years of official records here which fail[ed] to produce a temperature of 87 degrees or warmer.”

It was the “coldest July since the official recording station was moved away from the lakefront in 1942.”

This July has been the coolest summer month in my memory, and I loved it. So did my electricity bill.

Yet none of the stories I’m seeing lately mention global warming at all. It’s funny. When hurricanes hit the coast like they do every year, or if there are more tornadoes than usual, or it gets hot for a while somewhere, or bad weather happens sometimes like it often does, the news stories always mention global warming as a likely cause. Because obviously CO2 causes everything. But when something else happens that doesn’t fit that narrative, no mentions of global warming or “climate change”.

Just a coincidence, I guess.

Ah, but this is just ‘weather’, not ‘climate’, Right. See, according to this theory, we are supposed to ignore our weather, even though we live in it every damn day, in favor of worrying about changes in our climate, which is off in the future but very scary and getting hotter. A perfect foil for creating irrational fear and driving people to act based on unwise assumptions, should one choose to use it that way. Another coincidence.

Seems to me, though, that our weather, added up over time, IS our climate.

Here’s a fun experiment. Do a Google search for “global warming is taking a break”. I just did, and found 151,000 hits.

There, you will find all kinds of stories featuring featuring “scientists” using weasel words to explain how the warming! crisis! suddenly decided to take a ten year nap to allow ocean currents (which we don’t really understand yet) to dominate the climate. But fear not! All these stories assure us that there is still plenty of warming off in the future, just waiting to make our lives horrible! So hurry up and pass legislation requiring new taxes on our lifestyle, so that governments can fix it all up for you.

I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to make sense of any of that. I sure can’t.

Call me kooky, but I believe that our atmosphere, our “greenhouse”, sits over a dynamic system of air, moisture, land, oceans, plants, animals, cars, factories, and big cities. So it’s actually not just like a greenhouse at all.

And whatever it is, it just made the coolest July in 139 years in Chicago.


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