Thursday Links

Bengals’ Benson isn’t holding back – Cedric Benson, model teammate, good practice player, productive in games. Why didn’t he do any of this with the Bears? Still, it’s good to see, as long as he doesn’t end up beating them on October 25th.

Legendary scribe becomes ‘The Ancient Twitterer’ – Dan Jenkins is 79 years old and he tweets like nobody’s business. Today starts the PGA at Hazeltine; sign up for his feed if you’re a golf fan and do a little Twittering.

Food Firms Warn of Sugar Shortage– We’ve got a sugar crisis now. It’s caused by a combination of U.S. subsidies and tariffs, and exacerbated by lower supply and higher worldwide prices from diverting sugar cane to ethanol production instead of sugar. Government intervention in markets, in other words. These are the same people we supposedly want in charge of our health care?


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