Monday Links

UI grad putting finishing touches on Grange statue – This statue is big – 12 feet high, sitting on a base 14 to 18 feet high. Sounds cool. And Red Grange is a local boy, growing up in Wheaton, where I’ve lived for the last 9+ years.

Superman! Usain Bolt shatters 100-meter record at worlds – Wow! 9.58 is crazy fast for 100m. I hope he isn’t juiced.

Dear Whole Foods: We’re through. It’s not me. It’s you. – Hilarious. True. There is something about that store that bugs me. It’s food, not a personal statement.

Sensible suggestions on health care – Speaking of Whole Foods, CEO John Mackey has very good suggestions on free market solutions to health care. Because, get this, free markets usually work, and government meddling doesn’t.

Heroes Among Us – This kind of thing is one of the main reasons I so often rip on both politicians and journalists: they celebrate all the wrong things.

Chicago’s politicians have got ethics covered – Speaking of journalists and politicians, one of the few good journalists writing on politics is columnist John Kass of the Chicago Tribune. Today’s column reveals his bemusement that the national media is finally starting to wake up to the fact that Chicago is a political cesspool of corruption. So … they didn’t know any of this before, or they just didn’t feel like digging into any potential connection to Obama? Hint: either answer is wrong.

One Chart to Rule Them All – Finally, speaking of corruption in government … government corruption traced back to the change to elect Senators directly rather than via appointment from the states? Apparently. Also see One graph to rue them all, the source for this item.

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