Arnold Palmer turns 80

Happy 80th Birthday, Arnold Palmer!

Surely one of the best-loved athletes in history, he is also one of the highest-earning athletes. He makes something like $25M a year.

Did I mention he is eighty years old?

Golf owes him a huge, huge debt of gratitude.

  1. When Nicklaus, Palmer and Player finished on top of the leaderboard at the Masters in 1965 there was a name missing from the field of eligible players: Pete Brown. He was a black golfer who won the Waco Open in 1964. Under rules specificallly written by tournament officials he was not eligible to play even though the color ban on the men’s PGA tour had been lifted in 1962. As great golfers, Nicklaus, Palmer and Player didn’t have to say or do anything about the policy of racial exclusion. But if we want to hold them up to a standard of being great people, they should have. ”

  2. Only if you define being a civil rights activist as a requirement for being a “great person”. I don’t.

    I think there are, and have always been, great causes that people can devote _their_ time to, and I for one won’t sit back and criticize others for choosing causes which serve different goals than those I might value most.

    What gives you the right to do so?