“Everybody wave goodbye to juice box! Literally wave!”

If Lovie Smith doesn’t have answers, who does?.

David Haugh toes the line but doesn’t go over it, so I will. Lovie Smith is just not a good head coach, and it’s time we woke up to that cold hard reality.

In fact, based on the miserable showing of this team in 2 of the last 3 games, I’m questioning the talent evaluators, the GM, the scouts, the front-office people that hire them, and everybody who has a say in a team that displays over-paid mediocrity nearly every Sunday.

The team is a joke, and suffers from a complete lack of leadership at all levels.

Can you even imagine a Ditka coached team from the 1980s losing so badly? Losing close games is one thing. Getting your ass handed to you two weeks out of three, quite another.

Can you imagine a Singletary-led defense playing like that? I sure can’t. Man, I miss that guy. But he seems to have rejuvenated the 49ers, who play the Bears on Thursday night.

Imagine that, a black head coach who got the job because … he’s good at it.

I wonder what that would be like for a Bears team.

Note to ownership: we’ve seen great football in this town, played with passion and intensity and talent and dedication. And this AIN’T it.

I’d never heard of either Jerry Angelo or Lovie Smith when they were hired. But I bought in, and gave them both plenty of time.

Sorry, but I think it’s time to say it: neither one is very good at their jobs.

And so by extension, whoever hired Angelo isn’t very good either.

Wave goodbye to juice box!

  1. no said:

    What are you on about? These are the same douchebags who went to the Super Bowl a couple years ago. Who do you think you are, a New York Yankees fan?

  2. Yeah, they got to the Super Bowl in a bad NFC, and lost, and haven’t made the playoffs since. And they won’t make the playoffs this year either.

    The most obvious failing by the entire organization is to let the O-line age without drafting intelligently over the last SEVEN years to do something about it. This is inexcusable. I’m just a dumbass fan who doesn’t get paid millions of dollars to be an “expert” and I could have told them you don’t go anywhere without an offensive line.

    Lovie Smith is basically an affirmative action hire, thanks to the Rooney Rule. How many Super Bowls have been won by coaches as laid-back as he is? I’m thinking “zero”. He’s in over his head. Nice guy, and I like him, but he’s not a good head coach.

    Angelo was wrong about the QB being the chief problem to fix last off-season, which is being proven every Sunday. As GM, he is in charge of player personnel. He seems to suck at it. Which is a bit of a problem.

    Their ownership and front office is a mess and has been for a long time.

    Somehow they’ve been getting away with under-performing for years. The media and fan base is Bears-crazy, and often too close to the reality to assess it in a stone-cold sober state.

    I’m just laying it out the way I see it. I hope they prove me wrong, and turn it around. But I’m not betting any serious money on that.

    As a fan, I want to see Angelo and Smith gone, and a new regime based on a disciplined style. Like Singletary as coach and, I don’t know, Parcells as GM? Something like that. Football is not a business you can run with a Yale MBA, despite Michael McCaskey’s theories.

    The popular perception is that the defense is talented, at least on the line and at linebacker (when healthy). And with Rod Marinelli in charge of the D-line now, that was supposed to fix issues with coaching. OK, so what is going on? Either they have been kidding themselves, or the “talent” is over-rated, or they aren’t trying very hard.

    No matter how you slice all of this, there are serious failures at important spots throughout the organization.