Pfc. Michael Pearson, R.I.P.

Michael Pearson, one of the victims in the Ft. Hood massacre, laid to rest:

Sobs could be heard throughout the funeral parlor and in an overflow room where families watched the services on a television monitor. Other televisions flashed childhood pictures of the soldier who was also known for writing poetry and giving impromptu guitar lessons.

“He enjoyed making people happy with music,” said Scott Lorich, Pearson’s former guitar teacher. “He was doing music theory as a hobby. He loved it that much.”

Lorich said Pearson had enrolled in his beginning guitar class at Bolingbrook High School, even though his skills far exceeded the skills of others in the class, including the teacher.

He was just 22 years old. He was murdered in cold blood by a maniac who should have been kicked out of the Army, but was instead protected by cowardice at both the individual and institutional levels.

I have 3 sons, the oldest is 21, the youngest ones are 10 and 8. All three of them play guitar, mostly because I play, and bought them all a guitar of their own.

This hits home for me. Yeah, you could say that.

And Pfc. Pearson was just one of the 13 dead, not to mention the dozens of wounded.

More than 100 motorcycles bearing American flags, led the procession to Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in nearby Elwood, where Pearson was buried with full military honors under a cloudy sky early Saturday evening. Hundreds gathered by the casket as gun shots were fired in salute and a bugle played “Taps.”

The honor guard fired three volleys. Three spent shell casings were placed inside the folded flag and presented to his mother. Each casing represents duty, honor and country.

May he rest in peace.

And may we re-discover sanity in our culture. Soon.



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